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Answers to Your FAQs

We know you questions, so we’ve compiled the most common questions from clients and provide as thorough an answer as possible. If you have additional questions or need to dig into a question further, then please engage your advisor. They are well-specialized in Federal Benefit programs.

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How do I pay for your services?

We do not charge you for our services. We are paid by the financial companies who provide the products and services recommended by our advisors for your retirement plan. We represent hundreds of companies, so there is no need to shop our services.

What information do I need to provide to begin planning?

We will start with your retirement booklet from your specific Federal deparment. Also, have your most recent TSP statements on hand detailing your investment allocation. Next, have your FEGLI statement ready for review, as well as statements relating to your FERS or CRSR (which is based upon your hiring date). If you have any private investment accounts, provide the most recent statements.

What areas of Federal benefits can you assist me with?

We can assist you with every step in the process. Life insurance, safe money investing, qualified and non-qualifed funds, Social Security, legacy planning, and even living benefits.

How should I handle my TSP at retirement?

It’s completely dependent on your goals. You certainly do not want to leave the funds within the TSP account, and as a first step should transfer the funds to a privately held IRA. We can help you determined the best next moves.

Can you help me complete my retirement book?

Absolutely. Though books from different Federal departments may differ in appearance and how the content is arranged, the books are basically all the same. We can help you fully complete the book as we assist in creating a retirement strategy.

How do you handle my previous employment in the private sector with my Federal?

Our advisors are experienced in working with people in the public and private sectors. There are unique situations and others are quite common between public and private retirement plans and the options you have.

How long does the process last?

The process time line is based upon 1) the complexity of your situation, 2) how much time you allocate to working with an advisor, 3) the time needed to file the necessary paperwork to move funds and set up a competent retirement strategy.