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Do you fully understand your Federal Benefits?

Navigating the maze of your Federal Benefits can be challenging, especially as you approach retirement. We are specialists in helping Federal employees understand and maximize their benefits, and we’re happy to help you as well. Complete the Federal Employee assessment to gain a clearer picture of your situation.

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Thrift Savings Plans have unique options and matching opportunities. At retirement, the funds need to be moved to safer options.


Federal Income Retirement System has unique calculations based on a combination of service years, income, and such ratios.


You need to understand the good and bad of your FEGLI, and review options that will benefit you more, especially at retirement.

federal benefits group

Maximizing Retirement

Our team can help you develop a balance between FERS and other savings through your TSP or other non-governmental savings. Transferring to a lower risk profile will help secure and stabilize your retirement as you seek to increase your lifetime income stream.

Accumulating Wealth

If your goal is to leverage your TSP and other savings to increase or preserve wealth, we can review strategies that will enable you to generate market-based returns or better without risking principal on a market downturn. Strategies are based upon your portfolio size, age, health, and goals you have for yourself and your family.

federal benefits group
federal benefits group

Leveraging Benefits

From joint-survivor benefits to building up wealth to pass down to your heirs, our advisors help develop unique strategies through trusts that involve a combination of investment, retirement, and insurance to care for the younger generation. Options for FEGLI come into play as you need to control premiums while preserving death benefits.

What Our Customers Say

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“Finally a group of professionals who understand the Federal retirement system, and can help navigate all the turns. Working with John was so easy, based on his ability to easily guide me through the right steps and develop a plan that will meet my needs after retirement.”

Rachel M. — Nebraska

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“Jason was very knowledageable about the challenges in the Fed retirement system. He completed my blue book through my service at the Post Office. I learned a lot about my TSP and he helped move the funds to a safer account that will give me income for life. Kuddos to Jason!”

Natalie S. — California

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“This group is great to work with. They helped me establish an in-service transfer of my retirement savings that will give me some strong growth during my last few years of working, while I still fund my TSP and get the matches. When I finally decide to retire, everything will be in place.”

Miguel D. — Texas

Complete the Federal assessment to gain a clear picture of your situation.